Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors - Equipment and turnkey supply, engineering projects Belt conveyors are used to move bulk material like iron ore, coal, limestone, cement, slag, flyash, gypsum, laterite, sand etc and finished products in bags or any other transportable shape. A belt conveyor consists of rubber belting that runs on top of rollers & driven by electrical motor. It could be troughed or flat on the surface depending upon the product it handles. The capacities upto 3000 TPH can be offered by GMV with no limitations for length. We have high angled conveyors, cleated conveyors, normal troughed belt conveyors, garland type idlers, completely enclosed design, etc.,

Belt Conveyor Packages

GMV has completed several turn key projects of belt conveyor packages in the last 10 years. We can design manufacture and supply structural parts (with STAAD), chutes, venting systems, complete electrical parts like cables, cable trays, panels, I/O racks, PLC, safety instruments, civil foundation design, etc. GMV has a variety of products in their regular supply range that are used in such systems like diverters, apron feeders, slat conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, dampers, bag filters, fans, dust suppression systems, magnetic separators, metal detectors, Rotary airlocks etc. More details can be offered on specific requests

Butterfly Dampers

Guillotine, Louver, guide vane, manual, motorised, pneumatic, Emergency Shut off, Regulating, High Temperature etc., Dampers, in any process industry, is primarily used for either throttling the process on a continuous regulating duty or for shut off purposes. GMV is one among the few companies in the country to offer leakage testing at our works prior to despatch. We design and manufacture all types of process dampers used in steel, power, cement, petro chemical & allied industries. We have supplied several types of special dampers varying from high temperature steel duty dampers, Double drive Guillotine dampers, Coffee Pot dampers, Hoisting dampers, Stack dampers, emergency shut off / open dampers, Large sized butterfly & louvre dampers etc., We can offer manual (chain or hand wheel) dampers, electrically operated dampers that has linear or rotary actuators, pneumatic actuators or hydraulic actuators.

Centrifugal Fan

Fans for Bag filters, Mill venting, Cooler vent, FD fans, Air slide blowers, Preheater fans etc., All types Fans are used for venting or conveying powdered products in a process Industry. In some cases they are used for cooling also. GMV Offers Induced draft fans and Forced draft fans upto 1500 Kw and 1500 mm wg. There are no limitations of supplying spare impellers as per drawings. We have supplied several hundred airslide blowers used in cement plants, and regularly supplied bag filter vent fans.

Flap valves

Single / Double stage, Motorised, Pneumatic, Preheater etc., Preheater flap valves in cement industries, motorised flap valves used in mill inlets, gravity flap valves, cooler flap valves, Cone valves in steel / slag applications are in our product range.


Manual, Motorised, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Sliding, needle etc., Sector gates, Diverting gates, Triple gates, Slide gates, needle gates, with any type of prime movers like manual, motorised, Pneumatic or electrical actuators etc can be manufactured

Screw Conveyors

Circular, Troughed, Inclined, Live bottom etc., Normal screw conveyors, with or without hanger bearings, cooling type screw conveyors, screw feeders, flights with ribbons, live bottom screw conveyors in RDF / Alternate fuel handling systems

Bucket Elevators

Light, medium & heavy duty, chain / belt type We have installed several elevators in cement, flyash, coal applications

Rotary airlocks

Cast Iron, Cast steel, SS, Large sized, Blow through type etc.,
RAL from 200 mm size to mil feed applications can be designed and manufactured. We have supplied to cement steel & power applications.

Cog Bag filters

Vent filters, Process filters, Bag houses We are capable of design & manufacture of large reverse air bag houses, Pulse jet bag filters, vent bag filters etc., We can also convert exiting ESP’s to Bag filters.

Air slides

Closed and open types, Airslide diverters, complete package with blowers, pipes and valves GMV has an impressive reference list of airslides in cement industry. This includes open airslides inside silos, closed airslide system consisting of distributors, diverters, proportionate gates, airslide blowers, pipe line etc.,

Silo Extraction Systems

for dry fine powder storage, homogenization & extraction
We offer storage silo systems for storing powdered bulk material like cement, coal, limestone, slag, pozzolona, gypsum, etc.,
The civil or steel silo and the complete feeding system, internal blending/ aeration system, and controlled flow extraction with weighing system, can be designed and supplied

Coal handling plants

From concept to commissioning
For your thermal power plant coal handling requirements GMV can either offer a total turnkey solution or a turnkey supply solution with supervision of installation.

From raw coal to boiler feed hoppers, we can design the complete system. The “As received” coal hopper, primary and secondary crushers, screens, entire set of belt conveyors, tripper conveyors/ reversible conveyors, venting systems or dust suppression system, Metal detectors & magnetic separators, interconnecting ducts and chutes, entire electrical system, documentations, supervision, commissioning etc can be offered. We have already completed coal handling projects and a unique coal storage system, where an EOT crane is used to store coal in a covered shed storage yard. We can also supply individual components for a coal handling plants like crushers for existing system upgradation

Special design conveyors

Storage Yard, Tipping, Circular & Telescopic conveyors, Loading machines, Lorry Loaders, Stacking machines etc.,
Whenever you need to design special conveyors for your requirements, kindly be in touch with us for customer specific designs.


Special machinery

  • Closed circuiting of cement plants
  • New grinding units or augmentation of existing grinding units
  • Upgradation of existing plants
  • Alternate fuel handling plants
  • Conveying systems for Sugar plant
  • Electrode charging units
  • Conveying circuits for granules / powdered material
  • We will be able to provide complete turnkey.